Screenplay basics & further training

Online Lecture SCREENPLAY

Pairs your expertise with creativity to give birth to new things

LECTURE Expedition to the foundations and techniques, thanks to which storytelling or ideas experience the breakthrough to scenarios for films, games or drama apps.

SEMINAR The lecture knowledge is applied to the ideas and stories of participants in this event.

CREATIVE CIRCLE The participants work out the idea and plot for a single story or series – often on a given topic. Creative collaboration is also practiced as a writers room.

The lecture is a stand-alone. The seminar and creative circle stand by as possibilities to deepen the impact. The lecture illustrates each of its concepts, using examples from film and television (English with English subtitles – fed in real time via internet) and is rich in variety, visually vivid.

The lecture is titled THE SECRET OF POWERFUL SCREENPLAYS and discovers the hidden sources of successful storytelling.

It starts with the description and illustration of three emotions, the presence of which an audience (usually without realizing it) definitely expects from a story. It explains how one can produce them, thereby guaranteeing that the viewer will be “eating from one’s hand”. Participants will furthermore discover the effective complement of comedy/drama, including the hidden benefits therein for every narrative success. Ultimately, the participants will have learned how every intoxicating plot has to keep the viewer in suspense for either a decision or an explanation and which different genres arise from this. They will also have discovered why everything that is not a mystery has to involve a struggle and what advantage, in this regard, the drama can have over sports.


MARTIN THAU has conceived and, for over 30 years, overseen the success of Germany’s most famous advanced training program for screenwriters at Munich’s University of Television and Film. Graduates are German Film Award winners, but also countless other successful authors in the series / TV movie sector as well as writers who hold their own in the German bestseller lists (among them Man Booker Prize 2016 nominee Robert Seethaler). Thau has written screenplays for German TV and the feature films Mute Witness, Urban Explorer and Netflix’ The Captain of Nakara. His Screenwriter’s Primer is available in German, English, French and Czech. Check out as well his Grimm’s Secret – recipes for astute writers: What your audience craves and can never tell you.